7 Reasons Why You Need a Spring Air Conditioner Tune Up

Summer is upon us, is your AC unit ready?

It’s not unusual to peak over 90°F in Minnesota through July, so you want to keep cool and comfortable. But if you don’t prepare now, you might find problems with your AC unit when you need it most.

Read on for why you should do an air conditioner tune up today!

1. Get Your AC Going

During winter, it’s likely you didn’t use your AC at all. It’s important that you warm it up and get it going after being off for so long.
Being left inactive could have caused dust and dirt to build up inside the system. Or you might have developed an electrical or mechanical fault that you don’t know of.

2. Reduce the Chance of an AC Breakdown

You don’t want your AC unit to break when you need it the most. Having regular maintenance before the summer heat picks up helps prevent this.

A trained technician checks for any issues and puts solutions in place before you need them. Preventative maintenance costs less than fixing a breakdown in peak season too.

3. Boost Your Energy Efficiency

If dust and debris build up in your AC system, it can reduce the system’s efficiency. Your AC unit could be losing up to 15% of its efficiency, bringing up costs.

By cleaning the different parts, you’ll ensure it’s working as efficiently as possible. This will translate to savings on your energy bills. Even if it’s only an annual AC tune up, you’ll be able to spot issues before they grow into bigger, more disastrous ones.

4. Your Filter Likely Need Replacing

Whether in use or not, your filters will gather dirt and debris. And the material on the filter can create an environment for moisture. This can lead to mold and bacteria growth. This will reduce airflow and introduce allergens and irritants into your air. It could spell disaster for your AC system and your health!

5. Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

For allergy sufferers, you already know spring and summer are tough enough. But, if you don’t clean out your AC unit, particles built up over winter will end up in the air inside your home. Not to mention those caught through the spring and summer months.

By having regular tune ups and cleanouts, you will cut back on the allergens inside your home. It’ll also help to boost the quality of air circulating your home in general.

6. Increase the Lifespan of Your System

An AC unit’s lifespan depends on the correct installation and proper maintenance. According to the Department of Energy, your AC unit should last 15-20 years if looked after.

Regular maintenance will keep your AC unit running smoother, for longer. Even if it’s only changing the air filter every 3 months, this will have a positive impact on its lifespan.

7. EPA and EnergyStar Recommend Annual Maintenance

HVAC and AC maintenance isn’t busywork. And it’s not only the HVAC companies that recommend it. The EPA and EnergyStar both recommend regular, annual AC tune ups to keep your unit running.

Don’t Delay with Your Air Conditioner Tune Up Today

So there you have it! You now know the importance of an air conditioner tune up.

It is the perfect time to check your system before you need it in summer. You can clear out any dirt and debris and fix any small issues before they become expensive problems.

If you’re looking to book in your annual AC tune up, contact us today. At Schwantes Heating & Air Conditioning we can help you with all your AC needs.