The HVAC services segment in the U.S. was worth around $11.45 billion in 2020. And that figure is expected to climb at a 6.4% compound annual growth rate to total some $16.56 billion by 2026. When you need help with your HVAC equipment, you’ll want to find a reputable provider of such services. It’s also a good idea to ensure that the service provider offers HVAC emergency services so that you get help at all times. Do you know how to go about finding HVAC emergency services near you? Here’s a look at how to find the right option for your HVAC equipment so that you get the help you need when you need it. Ask People Who’ve Sought Out HVAC Emergency Services One of your best options when looking for emergency HVAC services is to ask people for recommendations. Many homeowners in the Greater St. Paul area own HVAC units. You can ask some people you know if they’ve ever had to seek out emergency service. By so doing, you can find out which companies they’ve worked with. Even better, they can let you know not only which businesses to patronize, but also which companies to steer clear of. You’re bound to get … Read more

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Are you having trouble with your HVAC system? Whether your AC is pumping out warm air or your furnace won’t stay lit, having an HVAC system on the fritz in Eagan, MN is a problem. In the middle of summer, you need cool air flooding your home to keep you and your family comfortable. In the winter, your furnace keeps you warm and prevents pipes and other fundamental parts of your home from freezing up. Most importantly, you deserve to be comfortable in your own home. But how do you go about choosing residential HVAC services? How can you find the best company for the job? We are here to provide answers. Keep reading for everything you need to know to find the best HVAC services. Find Out What Types of Services They Offer First, look online for the top HVAC service providers in Eagan, MN. Then, visit their websites to find out what types of services they offer. For example, at Schwantes Heating and Air Conditioning, we handle: We also provide 24/7 emergency services because we know that disaster can strike at any time of any day. Find Online Customer Reviews One of the easiest ways to identify the best residential … Read more

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What Is an Indoor Air Quality Test and When Is It Needed?

Pollution of the environment is a serious problem, but did you know that the air inside your home could have up to five times more pollutants?  Poor air quality can make you feel fatigued, congested, or ill. For Americans, who spend the vast majority of the day indoors, the negative effects of poor air quality can be dramatic.  How can you make sure you and your family are breathing clean air when you’re relaxing at home? Start with an air quality test.  Learn more about indoor air quality tests and how to tell when you need one. What is an Indoor Air Quality Test? An indoor air quality test (IAQ) collects particle samples from your home’s air. These particles can include pollen, smoke, mold spores, pet dander, and more.  Indoor air quality testing determines the number of pollutants and allergens in your air. Some irritating particles come from outside sources, including smoke, pollen, soil, dust, and even radon. Your home can also become polluted from indoor allergens.  Do you often burn candles or use insecticides? The volatile compounds in these products don’t just disappear after use. Harmful chemicals, carbon monoxide, and carcinogens can linger in the air we breathe.  When to Perform a Test If you … Read more

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HVAC Tune Up Checklist: What Does It Consist Of?

Around 90% of homes in the U.S. have air conditioning. While most have central AC systems, others might have alternative cooling systems, such as window units. A properly working system costs less to operate and keeps your home cooler, but how can you keep your system working correctly? The best way is through an HVAC tune up. You might wonder what an HVAC tune up checklist consists of before you get one. Keep reading to find out. Change the AC Filter An HVAC tune up includes checking the air filter. All systems have air filters, and using the correct one is vital. Replacing the filter is also important for HVAC maintenance.  Therefore, the HVAC company will check your air filter and replace it if necessary. Having a clean air filter is one of many essential reasons to get an AC tune up.  Inspect the Outdoor Unit An AC system has two primary components, and one is outside your home. This part is the condenser, and it looks like a big box. You’ll hear this part running if you’re outside when your AC is on. The condenser contains coils and helps your system release the hot air it conditions. The HVAC company cleans these coils … Read more

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Spring Air Conditioner Tune Up

Summer is upon us, is your AC unit ready? It’s not unusual to peak over 90°F in Minnesota through July, so you want to keep cool and comfortable. But if you don’t prepare now, you might find problems with your AC unit when you need it most. Read on for why you should do an air conditioner tune up today! 1. Get Your AC Going During winter, it’s likely you didn’t use your AC at all. It’s important that you warm it up and get it going after being off for so long.Being left inactive could have caused dust and dirt to build up inside the system. Or you might have developed an electrical or mechanical fault that you don’t know of. 2. Reduce the Chance of an AC Breakdown You don’t want your AC unit to break when you need it the most. Having regular maintenance before the summer heat picks up helps prevent this. A trained technician checks for any issues and puts solutions in place before you need them. Preventative maintenance costs less than fixing a breakdown in peak season too. 3. Boost Your Energy Efficiency If dust and debris build up in your AC system, it can reduce the … Read more

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Winter Furnace Prep: What to Do on Your Fall Maintenance Checklist

Winter is coming. Not only is this the motto of House Stark in Game of Thrones, but also what you should be thinking when fall arrives. That’s because as the colder weather arrives, you’re going to want your heating system in great condition. Preparing your furnace for use should be high on your fall maintenance checklist. Read on to learn the steps you need to take. Give It a Clean Before you start firing up your furnace, it’s the perfect opportunity to give it a thorough clean. Make sure the power and gas are shut off. Remove the side panels, and use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and debris you can find. Wipe down the fan blades and any other areas that need it. A clean furnace is far less likely to cause you problems. Replace Filters During the colder months, you should be aiming to change your HVAC filters every couple of months or so. Replacing your filters before you first fire up the furnace for the winter is always recommended. Clogged filters can seriously impair the performance of your heating system, so make sure they’re replaced during the fall. Check Ducts Any holes or blockages … Read more

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